We’re Ilkeston Brass, a community-oriented brass band in Ilkeston, Derbyshire.


Ilkeston Brass is a local community band that play throughout Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire. We were formed in the 1920s as Stanton Ironworks band, and we’ve not stopped playing since. Whilst the band’s evolved over time, we’ve never stopped making a positive difference through sharing our passion for music with the community.

Today, things are no different — the band continues to thrive with a diverse mix of players, young and old. We play at events in the community, and compete in various contests throughout the year.

Meet the band


Euphonium player

When it came to playing a brass instrument, it was a case of, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em! With three other family members already in the band/ training band, I decided to have a go. That was six years ago... I love being part of such a friendly band of people, who have always encouraged my playing.


Trombone player

Richard wonders whether banding was his mid-life crisis! He bought a beaten-up euphonium on a whim, but ended up on trombone. He's always loved music, and thoroughly enjoys playing it with the band!


Baritone player

John's one of our most experienced players - he enjoyed playing during his early teens and decided to take it up again later in life! He vividly remembers being inspired by a band up in Carlisle, promptly started coming to Ilkeston rehearsals, and the rest is history! Banding is a big part of his life now and he's an integral part of the band.


Soprano cornet player

Helen was born into a brass banding family, and has been playing since the age of 4. She's played in several bands at varying contesting levels, and reluctantly moved onto Soprano cornet around 3 years ago - but fell in love with it. Helen's recently retrained as a Barber and probably stands out due to her ever changing colourful hair!


Principle trombone

Chris started playing the baritone when he was eight. Having realised the error, he moved onto trombone a year later and hasn’t looked back, having joined a wind band then an orchestra before taking a twenty year break at uni. He’s thoroughly enjoying brass banding, and when not playing he enjoys spending time with Team Euphonium and our former Principal Cornet, or on any kind of boat.


Cornet player

Hazel's played in brass bands since she was 11, playing in the Championship Section in her late teens, before having a break from music - but as the song goes, 'Music was my first love... and it will be my last!' She restarted playing when her daughter wanted to learn the euphonium aged 8.


Flugelhorn player

Rachel's been playing the cornet since she was 14, and has played for a number of brass bands at all levels. She played with the Territorial Army, The South Nottinghamshire Hussars and the Royal Anglian Band until a life-changing mountain accident in 2003 - but she's fighting back, and is happy to be banding again! When not found with Banding Rachel can be found volunteering with the National Trust.


Cornet player

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Horn player

Ayane plays the tenor horn, and is relatively new to banding - she played at Daventry Brass for a few years before joining Ilkeston Brass in spring 2022. Ayane is originally a pianist who used to teach the piano with the Derbyshire Music Hub. Ayane is from Japan and loves cooking (and eating) Japanese food!


Principal euphonium

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Horn player

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Upcoming gigs


We’re currently looking for players in various positions around the band — if you’d like to get involved, we’d love to have you! Drop us an email at hello@ilkestonbrass.org.uk, or find alternative ways to get in touch below.

If you'd like to come along to a rehearsal, it would be great if you could drop us an email below to let us know you're coming! We rehearse every Sunday (18:15 — 20:30) and Thursday (19:30 — 21:30), and you can find us here:

Ilkeston Brass

Stanton by Dale


United Kingdom



Let’s get chatting! Whether you’d like to book us for a gig, or you’d like to join us for a rehearsal, or you’re just curious — we’d love to hear from you. There are a couple of ways you can get in touch with us — either drop us an email, or use our contact form.

You can drop us an email at: